Community Benefits

CommBenLodi Health works with constituencies throughout a five-county service area to plan for the best ways to meet community's health needs within the realm of the hospital's resources.

Lodi Memorial Hospital 2011 Community Benefit Plan (3.9 MB PDF)

Community Needs Assessment

Service-Area Map (200 KB PDF)

Demographic Overview & Profiles (997 KB PDF)

  • City of Lodi Overview
  • San Joaquin County Overview
  • City-by-City Overview
  • Physician-to-Population Ratios

Community-Need Index (960 KB PDF)

  • Methodology
  • Service-Area Summary
  • Opportunities

Needs-Assessment Timeline (240 KB PDF)

English & Spanish Survey Instruments (425 KB PDF)

Needs-Assessment Findings (660 KB PDF)

Healthy-Community Definitions (276 KB PDF)

Suggestions from Community Members (267 KB PDF)