Fact Sheet


Lodi Health is a non-profit health system owned and operated by the Lodi Memorial Hospital Association. Association membership is open to anyone for a one-time fee of $100. Members participate in annual board elections. The board directs the system’s businesses, which include an inpatient hospital, an emergency department, medical practices, outpatient services centers, a number of health businesses and community services. For 62 years the system’s mission has been to provide quality medical care, via best-practice medicine, sophisticated technology, education and support services.

Inpatient Services

Inpatient hospital departments include maternal/child, pediatric, intensive care, progressive telemetry, dialysis, acutephysical rehabilitation, surgical and medical care. An emergency department is located within the hospital facility, and the system’s urgent-care center is nearby.

Clinical-support services

These services include a clinical laboratory, a cardiac-catheterization laboratory, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, nuclear medicine, X-ray, respiratory, pharmacy, social work and dietary services.

Medical practices

Lodi Health operates six primary-care practices; 11 specialty practices covering neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, pulmonology and general surgery, two obstetrics practices, one pediatric practice, one wound-care practice and one occupational-medicine practice.

Treatment programs

Physical, occupational, speech, pulmonary rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation are among outpatient-care programs.

Community services

These services include a home-health agency; a durable medical-equipment company; an outpatient pharmacy; an adultday care center; a pre-school center; a fitness center; free, physician referral; parish-nurse programs; and a free clinic for the uninsured. Lodi Health also provides free health screenings at public events throughout the year and offers speakers to community groups upon request. Lodi Regional Health Systems, Inc., which includes a medical-services organization, is a for-profit subsidiary.

Joint ventures

Lodi Health is associated with several joint ventures in the region including The Endoscopy Center of Lodi; Lodi Outpatient Surgery; and The Advanced Imaging Center of Lodi.


Programs include maternal/child classes for mothers, fathers and siblings; and continued education for RNs, LVNs, CNAs, home-health aides, physicians, medical technologists and other professionals. Forums are offered to community members on wellness, injury prevention, treatment and other important health concerns like organ and tissue donation, advancemedical directives and nutrition. Medical and health-education libraries are open to staff and community members alike.

Fiscal year 2014 expectations

  • Total operating revenue - $175,000,000
  • Salaries and benefits - $102,000,000
  • Expenses - $174,000,000 Capital needs - $9,500,000
  • Revenue over expenses - $1,000,000