Faces of Lodi Health

Rebecca Olvera, CDM, CFPP Director, Nutrition and Food Services

Things you may not know about Rebecca:
· Her stress management is working in her garden.
· She loves her three dogs and two cats.
· She grows tomatoes and a lot of herbs.
· Her department goals are to make the Vineyard Cafe a place where everyone wants to eat and to expand the catering options.
· She loves to see the cafe filled with people, and is constantly improving the selection of the cafe with healthier options.

What Rebecca has to say about working at Lodi Health:
“I am very proud to say that I have been a part of many changes in the Nutrition and Food Services Department. New kitchen with room service (October 2011), and a new cafe (July 2012).”

Susan Henderson, DTR, CDM, CFPP

Things you may not know about Susan:
· She is an avid runner for more than 15 years.
· She loves to cook and try new foods.
· She and her husband have a 26-year-old daughter and 23-year-old son.
· She has a twin sister who is 5-foot-11, and who is a high school calculus teacher.

What Susan has to say about working at Lodi Health:
“I consider myself very fortunate to work in a profession I love, with people who are amazing to work for and with. My years at Lodi Health have been full of constant changes and challenges that have kept me learning and growing.”

Teri Spring, Registered Dietitian

Office locations:
Lodi Memorial Community Clinic - Vine, 1235 W. Vine St., Ste. 22
LMH Home Health Agency, 800 S. Lower Sacramento Rd.
Walter E. Reiss Outreach Clinic, 300 W. Oak St.

Length of service:
33 years

Background and education:
· Bachelor of Science in dietetics from California State University, Chico.

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Megan McVey, Urgent Care Ward Clerk

Things you may not know about Megan:
· She enjoys reading to her two children and taking them to the park.
· She enjoys creating arts and crafts with recyclable items.
· She attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for nursing.
· She graduated from HealdCollege in 2009.

What Megan has to say about working at Lodi Health:
“I love working here. I couldn’t be blessed with a better group of coworkers!”

Carrie McGill, Lead Communications Operator

Things you may not know about Carrie:
· She is a huge fan of hockey, and she has season tickets for the Stockton Thunder.
· She has an amateur radio license (ham radio operator).
· She has been known to bake ‘choc chunk cookies’ to share with her coworkers.

What Carrie has to say about working at Lodi Health: “I have enjoyed being ‘one of seven’ voices of Lodi Health for the last 16 years. I strive to provide everyone with excellent customer service on a daily basis. I truly enjoy working for Lodi Health.”

Tracey Sims Taylor, Senior Surgical Technician/Operating Room

Things you may not know about Tracey:
· She has physician-assistant training and an associate degree as a surgical technician.
· She is very energetic, smiles a lot, loves to work and loves making her patients smile.

What Tracey says about her job:
“I love my job, and I’m not going anywhere. It’s like my second home. It’s fun to be here.”

Joshua McCulloch, Supervisor

Things you may not know about Joshua:
· He has a one-year-old son named Jaxson.
· He enjoys flying his remote-controlled planes and cars.
· He enjoys organic gardening and has grown tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, thyme and watermelons and more.
· He enjoys Thai and Italian foods.
· His favorite dishes to prepare are cream sauces.

What Joshua has to say about working at Lodi Health:
“I truly enjoy working for Lodi Health. The staff makes it a great place to work.”

Margarita Ornelas, Receptionist

Things you may not know about Margarita:
· She is married (39 years in November 2013).
· She has two daughters, one son and seven grandchildren.
· She is working on a cookbook of all her recipes for her children because they wanted specific directions for her dishes.
· She loves to sew and to bake.
· What’s her favorite thing to bake? “Everything!”

What Margarita says about her work at Lodi Health:
“I do patient registration and audits on a daily basis. Also, when needed, I ward clerk. I love greeting our patients at Urgent Care, and making sure all their needs are covered.”

Candace Gentile, CPC, Transcription Coordinator/Dragon VR Trainer

Things you may not know about Candace:
· She has been married 20 years, has two adult children and three grandchildren.
· She owns four quarter horses and rides Western Pleasure and previously Rodeo Drill for serveral years, performing throughout California.
· She has been a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) since 2008, and is physician-practice based.

What Candace has to say about working at Lodi Health:
“I thoroughly enjoy my position with Lodi Health. Training new physicians, residents and NP’s on the Dragon (VR) voice recognition system is very rewarding. I learn something every day through the many staff members I encounter.”

Arthur Emus, X-Ray technician, ward clerk, ED technician

Things you may not know about Arthur:
· He grew up in San Diego.
· He earned an associates degree from ButteCollege in natural sciences, another associates degree from MercedCollege in Radiological sciences and has an EMT license.
· He worked as a fitness instructor and taught rock climbing.
· He enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, church, water sports and playing hide and seek with his one-year-old.
· He spent a summer in Taos, New Mexico living in a tent and living off the land while working as a white water rafting guide.

What Arthur has to say about working at Lodi Health: “Great work environment and coworkers.”