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Meet your hospitalist team

They’re always there for you

This is a given: If you ever end up in the hospital, you want the very best care — 24/7.

That's why a special team of health care professionals is increasingly common — and invaluable — at hospitals nationwide. Its members go by the name of hospitalists, a fairly new breed of medical professionals.

Their goal is to see that hospital patients get safe and excellent care, from admission through discharge. And they're always available for patients and their families, even at night and on weekends and holidays. This means they can quickly respond to any emergency — and better yet, help prevent one too.

Meet the team

Typically, this team is headed by a doctor, often trained in internal or family medicine. Unlike other doctors who specialize in a specific disease, such as cardiologists, this doctor specializes in caring for hospital patients. And unlike doctors who must juggle seeing patients at a hospital and their office, this doctor has only one responsibility: tending to hospitalized patients.

He or she also often supervises — and works closely with — nurse practitioners and physician assistants who also specialize in treating hospital patients. These highly trained professionals extend the doctor's reach for better patient care. They might:

  • Help admit and discharge patients.
  • Take medical histories and do physical exams.
  • Diagnose and manage health problems.
  • Prescribe medicines and recommend treatments.
  • Coordinate care with a patient's primary doctor or appropriate specialists.
  • Help patients and families better cope with illness.
  • Help patients make a safe transition from the hospital to their home or another facility.

You can read about the team of hospitalists who take care of patients at Lodi Memorial Hospital, visit the Hospitalists section of lodihealth.org.

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