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Lodi Health's Stroke Program

TAKE ACTION: In the first 60 minutes after the start of symptoms,
you have the greatest chance at reducing lasting stroke damage.

Experiencing a stroke can be scary, but when a stroke patient walks into the Lodi Health Emergency Department at Lodi Memorial Hospital, they are already on their road to recovery, starting with an immediate assessment and step-by-step care that continues even after they go home.

If you experience a stroke, go to the Lodi Health Emergency Department inside Lodi Memorial Hospital. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is able to respond immediately and with the best medicine to stroke symptoms. Physicians and emergency staff work quickly to stabilize stroke patients to avoid or reduce permanent damage. With unique telemedicine capabilities, stroke patients who present to the Lodi Health ED have immediate access to a team of stroke experts at UC Davis who consult with Lodi Health physicians and patients via webcams. In this manner, the state’s best stroke experts can observe and interact with patients to make medical recommendations for the best possible outcomes.

Lodi Health Acute Physical Rehabilitation (APR) 

Area hospitals refer many stroke patient’s to Lodi Health’s Acute Physical Rehabilitation unit. Here, dedicated and expertly trained staff work with patients and family members, offering one-on-one therapy, employing speech, occupational, physical and recreational therapies, as patients regain their best level of functionality. This allows patients to once again live as independently as possible. While in the hospital, the patient’s rehabilitation team meets daily to discuss patient progress and to adjust the care plan as improvements are made. Patients' average length of stay is this outpatient program is 17 days.

Lodi Health Acute Physical Rehab is inside Lodi Memorial Hospital, 975 S. Fairmont St., Lodi. For information, call 209-333-3100 or visit APR

Lodi Health Home Health Services

More than 90 percent of Lodi Health’s stroke patients are discharged to their homes. Once patients are home, they continue physical therapy through either Lodi Health’s home health services or outpatient therapy services. Always guided by a full team of nurses and therapists, patients continue to gain strength and tackle every day duties that can be a challenge after a stroke, such as getting dressed or even showering. Only a small percentage of stroke patients are discharged to care facilities for greater, long-term care.

Home Health is available around the clock. For information, call 209.334.3411 or visit Home Health.  

Lodi Health Home Med-Equip

Stroke patients are often encouraged to use walking aides and adaptive tools to make everyday activities easier after they return home. Memorial Home Med-Equip makes adjusting to home life easier with a full supply of walking aides, shower benches, lift aides and other tools. Lodi Health Home Med-Equip is located at 1115 S. Fairmont Ave., and 24-hour emergency services are available. For information, call 209.333.7541 or visit Med-Equip

Lodi Health Fitness

As patients regain strength and mobility, most stroke patients transition to Lodi Health Fitness, a full-service gym where they continue with specialized fitness and workout plans. Exercise specialists prescribe safe and appropriate workout programs for post-rehabilitation participants. Post-stroke patients are closely monitored and assisted.

Fitness is located and Lodi Memorial Hospital West, 800 S. Lower Sacramento Rd. For information, call 209.333.3011 or visit Fitness.

Lodi Health Adult Day Care

While most stroke patients are able to care for themselves, some patients and their family members choose to take advantage of Lodi Health’s Adult Day Care program, where patients have constant care in a safe, supportive environment. Adult Day Care is a licensed program at Hutchins Street Square. Participants have individualized plans of care, and enjoy regularly scheduled activities that encourage independence and socialization.

Adult Day Care is located at Hutchins Street Square, 125 S. Hutchins St. The program runs Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm, and participants may attend as many or as few days of the week as they like. For information, call 209.369.4443 or visit Adult Day Care.